How to Delete Free Package Tracker Promos Adware from Your System

Free Package Tracker Promos is an adware application. The description says that the tool gives you access to various package tracking services. But this is not the case. The application runs intrusive advertisement campaigns, which means it shows you deceptive, undesirable, and harmful ads. In addition to that, it records your browsing-related information. Therefore, it … Read more

How to Remove Horseleader Ransomware from your Computer and Decrypt your Files?

Horseleader is a malicious program that belongs to the Garrantydecrypt ransomware family. This ransomware encrypts your data and adds the extension “.horseleader” to it. For example, if you have a file named “test.jpg,” then Horseleader changes it to “test.jpg.horseleader.” It also changes the desktop wallpaper of the system. The wallpaper contains images of horses with … Read more

Get Rid of Less Notifications Hijacker from All Browsers

Less notification is a rogue application that covers itself as a browser adblocker. After installing, this extension changes the default browser setting to In other words, this is a browser hijacker that changes your default search engine with a fake one. Such type of apps also gathers various information. People install these applications unintentionally … Read more