How to Remove Redirects from Browser is a rouge website that either shows questionable content or redirect you to other similar pages. A few more sites that work in the same manner are,, and All these sites urge you into subscribing to push notifications using clickbait techniques.  People usually do not visit such a website intentionally. Instead, you might have clicked … Read more

How to Uninstall LiveConverterSearch Hijacker from Browser

LiveConverterSearch is a rogue program that promotes a fake search engine having URL The site can not generate results, so it redirects you to for every query. A few other extensions that operate similarly are Lookmini,  Search Omiga, and Searchseries. The usual targets of such rogue applications are popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Also, … Read more

Get Rid of Redirects from Browser is a rogue website that works similarly to,, and Such websites urge you to click the allow button when you visit the site. It uses clickbait techniques to deceive you into subscribing to push notifications. After that, it shows intrusive ads on your desktop. Usually, people do not visit such sites on purpose. Instead, you … Read more