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How to Remove Netflix Ransomware and Restore your Files? 

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Netflix Ransomware




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Netflix is a popular video streaming service used worldwide. Cyber criminals have made a rouge application named Netflix Login Generator to provide hacked account. Once the user installs this program it starts encrypting their personal files using AES-256 cryptography and demand ransom of $100.


Netflix ransomware targets around 39 file types under "C://User" directory. It encrypts files and put .se extension. After encryption, it changes the desktop wallpaper with a ransom note and also leaves a text file note named "Instructions.txt" in the directory.


To find and remove the Netflix ransomware quickly you need a good anti-malware like MalwareFox. It will scan your computer and remove the infection. To restore your file you need to restore the windows or take help of restoration software about which we will tell you in this article.

Netflix is a popular online video streaming service. It is used worldwide by millions of people. It is paid service that charges users to watch premium TV Shows, Movies, Videos, etc. Some cyber criminals have developed a ransomware using the name of Netflix. They have done this take advantage of the popularity of this brand. A program named “Netflix Login Generator v1.1.exe” is distributed with the help of some rogue websites. This program claims to provide hacked Netflix account details. It claims to provide Netflix username and password to users to access the Netflix services on their computer. However, it is a malicious program that infects a computer and encrypts personal files of users. In this guide, we will tell you how to remove Netflix Ransomware from your computer and restore your files. We will also tell you how to stay away from such ransomware.

Netflix Ransomware Removal Guide

The fake program "Netflix Login Generator v1.1.exe" does not provide login details but buy your time to do the encryption work.

What is Netflix Ransomware?

Netflix ransomware uses the name of popular video streaming service. It takes advantage of its popularity to spread. Netflix ransomware is spread through a program “Netflix Login Generator v1.1.exe”. This program is said to deliver the login details for Netflix services. Instead of giving login details it encrypts user’s personal files and demands the ransom to decrypt them back. Netflix Ransomware belongs to Netflix Ransom_Netix.A family ransomware. Unlike other ransomware, it only targets Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers. It does not encrypt all the files, targets only 39 file types in the “C://Users” directory. Targeting such files increases its chance to get the ransom money from the user because most users save their important files in the Users directory. Also, the ransom money is low compared to other ransomware. It demands around $100 of ransom to give you the decryption key.

How Netflix Ransomware gets into your System?

Netflix ransomware is distributed with a fake program called “Netflix Login Generator v1.1.exe”. This program is spread using some rogue websites. The program claims to provide login details for Netflix services. When you download and try to install this program, it extracts another program named “netprotocol.ext” and start executing this program. This file is an actual pest of Netflix ransomware. Then it will check the operating system of your computer, if it finds Windows 7 or Windows 10, it goes to “C://Users” directory and starts encrypting your files. It targets 39 file types in the same directory.

File Types Targeted by Netflix Ransomware

.asp, .avi, .ai, .bmp, .aspx, .csv, .docx, .doc, .epub, .flv, .flp, .gif, .itdb, .html, .itl, .m4a, .jpg, .mdb, .mp3, .mkv, .mp4, .odt, .mpeg, .pdf, .png, .php, .ppt, .psd, .pptx, .py, .sql, .zip, .rar, .txt, .wmv, .wma, .xls, .xml, .xlsx

While encrypting with AES-256 cryptography, it appends .se extension to your files. After encrypting all these file types it contacts with online Command and Control Server (C&C Server). It tells the encryption ID and some other details. Then it downloads the ransom notes and instruction files from the server. The image file it downloads contain information about encryption is replaced with your desktop wallpaper. It says that “Data on your device has been locked, follow the instruction to unlock your data. Open “Instruction.txt” on your desktop.”

Netflix Ransomware Desktop Wallpaper Ransom Note

Netflix Ransomware Desktop Wallpaper Ransom Note

When you check you find a text file on your desktop named “Instruction.txt”. This text file contains information on how you decrypt your files.

Text Presented in Ransom Note of Netflix Ransomware


All of your files have been encrypted with a military-grade encryption algorithm (AES 256)

The only way to get your files back is to visit in your web browser to buy the encryption key.

To purchase Bitcoin, please register an account with a Bitcoin wallet such as the Coinbase iPhone and Android app and buy $100 worth of Bitcoin, which is ~0.18 BTC.

When you visit the website, enter this ID: 17 to get your encryption key.

After you have received your decryption key, open the SE Decryptor program and enter the key that you received. Your files will then be decrypted.

The note made it clear that you will get your decryption key after making the payment worth $100, but no one can believe on the claim. There is no guarantee that after making the payment you will get your files back and it won’t attack you in future. So it is better to try alternate method than paying the ransom. Follow this Netflix ransomware removal guide to remove it and get your files back without paying the ransom.

Netflix Ransomware Ransom Note Instruction.txt

Screenshot of "Instruction.txt" Ransom Note of Netflix Ransomware

Netflix Ransomware Removal Guide

Restore Windows to Previous Date to Remove Netflix Ransomware

  • WINDOWS 10
  • wINDOWS 8 / 8.1

Click on the Start button and search for System Restore in the search box and select the System Restore from the search result.

Restore Windows 7 - 1

Select Choose a different restore point and click Next in the window. In the next window you will see different restore points and select one appropriate and click next.

Restore Windows 7 - 2

Now Click on Finish button.

Restore Windows 7 - 3

Now Windows will ask for confirmation that the once the Restoration will start it cannot be stopped. Click on Yes to confirm.

Restore Windows 7 - 4

Automatically Remove Netflix Ransomware from your Computer

You have tried restoring your windows to the previous date. If you successfully restored all your files then most probably Netflix ransomware infection is gone. Still, you need to scan your computer with antimalware. If you were not successful in the previous step then try this automatic method to remove Netflix ransomware. To begin this step you need to install MalwareFox antimalware.

Step 1- Install MalwareFox on your PC

Open the Installer by Clicking on the Downloaded file.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 1

Now choose your desired language and follow the instructions to install the MalwareFox on your computer.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 2

After completing the installation, the MalwareFox will update the application to its latest version. Let it update.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 3

Now it will sync the Malware database with server. It is important step as it needs to know latest types of malwares.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 4

Step 2 - Scan and Clean your Computer for Malware

When the update process completes it will show Real Time Protection: On. Now you can scan your computer. Press Scan button and leave everything on MalwareFox, it knows how to deal with Netflix Ransomware and other malware.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 5

After the scan complete click on Next button to clean your computer completely.

Recover your Files using Recovery Software

With the help of MalwareFox, you have successfully removed the Netflix ransomware infection. Your files are still encrypted and they need decryption key to access them back. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you the decryption key, but we can tell you a method to restore your files back. There are several restoration software that works effectively in such cases. Ransomware tries to remove the shadow copies of files so that recovery software can't recover them. Sometimes, they don't delete all shadow copies. So, it is worth a try to restore the files.

Restoration software searches the shadow copy of the files in the drive. They get every traces and joins them to create the actual files. Several users successfully stored their files. Restoration software like Shadow Explorer and Recuva works well in this case. Download them from the internet and try to restore your files. You can also take help of other restoration software.

How to Stay Away from Netflix Ransomware?

Unlike other ransomware, Netflix doesn't use spam email campaign to infect your computer. It uses the popularity of Netflix Video streaming service to spread itself. Netflix is used all over the world to watch premium TV Shows, Movies, etc. The program Netflix Login Generator claims to provide login details to access Netflix services. This is why users fall in its trap and install it. You need to stay away from such rogue applications. If you want to stay away from Netflix Ransomware then don't download any application that says it will provide something great.

Another good practice to stay away from trouble is to take a regular backup of your important files. Take a backup on a separate drive and do not attach it to another computer. In case you lost your files then you can easily retrieve them from here. You should also install a good antimalware on your computer. MalwareFox is expert when it comes to safety from malware attacks. Install it on your computer and keep the real-time protection on to stay protected all the time.

You have successfully removed Netflix Ransomware infection from your computer system. Keep the Real time protection enabled in order to prevent any further attacks.

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