How to Uninstall FullTab Movie Hijacker from Your Browser

FullTab Movie is a browser hijacker program that operates by changing a few settings of your browser. It promotes a fake search engine titled by replacing your new tab, homepage, and the default search engine of your browser. A few more examples of such rogue extension are PowerSmash, Allsearch App, and ConverterSearchHD. Apart from ruining your browsing experience, … Read more

How to Remove ConverterSearchHD Hijacker from Browser

ConverterSearchHD is a browser hijacker program that operates by changing your browser’s few settings to promote The website is a fake search engine that can not generate results. Therefore, it would redirect you to for every query. A few more similar programs are Browse Moment, DefaultProgress, AllRadioSearch. Besides ruining your browsing experience, the rogue program can also … Read more