How to Uninstall SNT2 Ransomware from System

SNT2 is malicious software that belongs to the Matrix ransomware family. It encrypts your data and renders it inaccessible. Further, it asks you to pay a ransom amount to get back your files. It also renames the data in the following format: “[].[random-string].SNT2.” For instance, it would rename a file titled “Test.jpg” to something like … Read more

How to Uninstall [Zfile@Tuta.Io] Ransomware

[Zfile@Tuta.Io] is a ransomware program that belongs to the GlobeImposter ransomware family. The malware encrypts your data and demands a ransom amount in exchange for the decryption tool. It also renames the compromised files by adding the “.[Zfile@Tuta.Io]” extension after encryption. For instance, it would rename a file named “Test.jpg” to “Test.jpg.[Zfile@Tuta.Io]” after encryption. Later, … Read more