TotalAV vs Avast: Who’s the Winner?

Are you confused about which antivirus program would protect your computer better?

Avast and TotalAV are both popular antivirus solutions. They even have many similar functionalities. 

However, it can be challenging to decide which product to use without having proper insights into the program.

Therefore, we have done the grunt work to test both products for you. 

Here is a guide for you to understand the working and effectiveness of Avast and TotalAV antivirus programs.

So, without much raving, let’s get started.

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TotalAV vs. Avast: Which is best in 2020? 

We spend most of our time using the computer and smartphones in our daily life. Also, we use the internet connection throughout our day for various necessities. It invites a significant threat of compromising your security if your device doesn’t have enough protection.

Cybercriminals propagate malicious programs using numerous methods. Most of them use your internet connection to breach your device. Otherwise, you can get the infection on your system by connecting unreliable data transfer devices like pen drive, hard disk, and other similar gadgets.

Without proper security measures, you can lose your data and personal information. Malware programs collect user information and private files to sell them online. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to use a good antivirus program to protect your system from various cyber threats. We compared two popular antivirus programs, i.e., Avast and TotalAV, in this article. You can choose between Avast and TotalAV, depending on your needs and budget.

Features comparison of TotalAV vs. Avast 

TotalAV and Avast both programs focus on adequate system protection. Besides that, they both hare some similar features, including a password manager, junk file removal, analyzing infected operating systems, cleaning trash folders, and many more.

Yet, many other features make Avast and TotalAV stand apart from each other. You can make a better decision if you know more about their features in detail.

TotalAV Antivirus

You can classify the functions of TitalAV in three main categories.

  • Protection of the device: Real-Time Scan, Quick and Deep Scans, Auto and manual scanning, USB Scan, Registry Startup Scan, Anti Spyware, Trojan, Phishing, Chat/MI protection.
  • Online security: TotalAV presents a browser extension that protects you from online threats. It would warn you if you visit a notorious site containing malicious programs or attempting a phishing attack. Also, it alerts the user regarding potential hazards whenever you try to download from untrusted websites.
  • Antivirus additional features: It contains a Safe browser, Personal Firewall, VPN service, Smartphone optimizer, Tune-up of your device.

Additionally, it has some other essential features that require special mention.

  • Anti-Malware: This feature protects you from less known threats or apps showing suspicious behavior.
  • Real-time protection: TotalAV automatically scans any new file entering your system. Therefore, it prevents you from downloading malicious software on your computer.
  • Anti-Ransomware: This function protects your data from encryption. Also, it helps to keep hackers out of your system.
  • Safe Site: It checks every site that you are browsing for untrustworthy signs. It alerts you whenever you hit a malicious website. Consequently, you get a better browsing experience.
  • Extra Disc Space and Memory: TotalAV looks for junk files and cleans ram in a single click. It requires special permission to access system files and remove junk. 

Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus shares many features with TotalAV. You can categorize the functionalities into three groups.

  • Protection of the device: It has Real-Time Scan, Quick and Deep Scans, Auto and manual scanning, USB Scan, Registry Startup Scan, Anti Spyware, Trojan, Phishing, Email protection.
  • Online security: Avast Antivirus offers browser extension to protect you from cyberthreats. It warns you whenever you visit a potentially malicious site. Thus it protects you from phishing attacks and installing malware.
  • Antivirus additional features: It has a Personal Firewall, Gamer Mode, VPN network, Smartphone Optimization, Safe browser.

Adding to the benefits, Avast carries some essential features that provide your system with reliable protection.

  • Behavior Shield: This feature lets you keep an eye on suspicious behavior in your applications. Sometimes malware can bypass the primary security and stays hidden in the system for a long time. This feature tracks these programs regularly.
  • Smart Scan: It either deletes or quarantines any suspicious file from your other data. It also tracks previously installed applications and old data for malware. 
  • Anti-spam: This feature keeps any spam email out of your inbox.
  • Intelligent antivirus: This option can help you save yourself from cyber threats and malicious attacks. It alerts if any suspicious behavior is occurring.
  • Avast Secure Browser: Although Avast has a browser extension, you can use the safe browser to stop yourself from downloading malicious files. It creates a more secure connection between the internet and your device.
  • WiFi Inspector: This function scans and detects any unreliable WiFi network. You will need this function if you connect your system to public WiFi hotspots regularly.

Comparison TotalAV vs. Avast for Mac

Usually, the rate of malware attacks on a Mac is negligible as compared to the Windows operating system. Still, it is better to use a precaution than regretting later. Fortunately, both products are compatible to use on a Mac device.


You can use the TotalAV antivirus solution on your Mac system. It covers all the features mentioned above for Mac as well. However, Mac does not allow any kernel installation. Therefore, you have to give up on real-time scanning. Still, you can protect your system from other malicious programs like adware, spyware, ransomware, browser hijacker, trojan, phishing, and many more. TotalAV is compatible to run on Mac devices.


Avast is a popular name among Mac users. It protects your system from all kinds of widespread threats like viruses and malware. Besides, the protection from the free version of Avast is sufficient to protect your Mac from potential threats.

Moreover, it allows you to use features like deep scan, custom scan, scheduled scan, and many more. It can protect you from adware, spyware, and other similar malware programs as well.

Compare Free TotalAV vs. Free Avast

A good antivirus allows users to try the product for free before urging them to install it. Thus, TotalAV and Avast both have free versions available for you. You get a significant amount of protection from these programs. The free versions stop viruses and malware from attacking your system. However, you have to scan your computer regularly manually. The free version does not provide the Automatic Scan and Scheduled Scan feature.

Therefore, you should not expect optimal security from the free versions. They can save you from some minor threats. Still, try to buy the premium version for adequate protection.

The TotalAV free versions lack some of the essential features. You get malware protection and quick scanning in the package. Whereas, the free version of Avast let the user detect a virus and some phishing attacks. Moreover, it makes sure that you have a secure WiFi connection. Additionally, you can clean your browser from junk files using Avast free version.

It makes clear that Avast antivirus is better than TotalAV when it comes to their free versions. Also, TotalAV was previously accused of using unethical tactics to promote other apps. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying a free version, go for Avast.

TotalAV vs. Avast Prices Comparison

When it comes to the budget, TotalAV surpasses Avast with a high margin. Avast seems reasonably expensive in comparison with TotalAV. Still, the price does not decide the effectiveness of the program. Let’s see what each app has to offer for its price range.

TotalAV provides multiple packages for different devices. Also, you can use the program on numerous platforms like Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices. You can check the table below for more details:

  TotalAV Avast
Package Antivirus Pro Premier (single device)
First Year Price $29
Regular Price $99/year, 3 devices $69.99/year
Package Internet Security Premier (multi-device)
First Year Price $39
Regular Price $119/year, 5 devices $89.99/year

TotalAV provides multiple packages of varying rates fro the users. Therefore, you can decide which package to buy based on your utilities.

On the other hand, Avast comes in two premium packages, each costing less than TotalAV. Besides that, Avast Premiere has Automatic Software Updater, File Shredder, and Webcam protection for better security.

Both programs provide adequate security at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can choose from different pricing packages according to your necessities. 

Final Verdict: Avast vs. TotalAV

Avast is a popular antivirus program in the market. Also, it is a part of the AV-Test inspection list. Thus, you get a regular insight into the performance of the program. Still, when you have to compare these two antivirus solutions, look for what is essential for you. 

TotalAV isn’t much famous compared to the Avast antivirus. Thus, you can not find many performance reviews. Besides, TotalAV has a bad reputation for using unethical tactics to increase profits. So, if you are concerned about the popularity of the program, you should try Avast.

We hope you find TotalAV and Avast review useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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