How to Remove Hijacker from All Browsers

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Browser Hijacker


Invades Privacy

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Problem hijacks the options of the browser like homepage, new tab, and default search engine. It does not let you change these settings. Also, it irritates you with many ads on these pages, you also see the popup and redirects ads also.


If you are seeing in your homepage, new tab, and default search engine then you are infected with this browser hijacker. It keeps displaying ads on these pages. If you try to change these settings it comes back after a while.


To remove follow this guide. You can also remove it and other PUP from your computer with MalwareFox antimalware. It searches and removes all adware, PUP, and Trojans from your computer.

Usually, spread using software bundling method. When you download a free or pirated software from the internet it is bundled with, this PUP also gets installed. Once it gets into your computer it acts as a hijacker and hijacks all the browsers. It attacks Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. It hijacks the options like homepage, new tab, and default search engine. These settings are replaced with its own address so that it can display ads of their client. When you try to change these settings it comes back once you restart the browser or your computer. This browser hijacker not just display malicious ads but also capable of stealing your private and confidential information. In this article, we will tell you how to remove browser hijacker from all browsers at once.

How to Remove

How gets into your Computer? and other browser hijackers spread in user's computer using a deceptive software distribution method called bundling. It is bundled with other software. Most online free software distribution sites bundle this adware with their most popular downloads. When you download that program in your computer and install it the bundled software also gets installed. To avoid such circumstances you need to choose custom installation instead of express installation method. Choose custom installation and deselect any other software it is recommending.

What Purpose is used for?

Though the whole sole purpose of is to serve ads of their client. Usually, they have something to lure users, but this hijacker displays a login page with no sign-up option. Such hijackers display malicious ads. The normal ad agencies have a strict policy they don't accept such ads. This is the reason they choose such deceptive method to serve ads. The makers of such browser hijacker are highly paid for this service. The hijackers have full read permission they can see everything you do online. These are capable of tracking your IP Address, Geo Location, Browsing History, Search History, etc. They use this information to serve targeted ads. Also, This information is sold to third party clients to generate more revenue.

What are the Potential Dangers to Not Remove

Ruined Browsing Experience changes your homepage and default search engine. It displays different ads on the New Tab or Homepage. The search result is also altered. It displays different ads on the search result page also. These ads redirect you to malicious pages. Overall it ruins your browsing experience.

Personal Information Theft tracks user’s personal information like IP Address, Geo Location, Search Query, Browsing History, and the content on the pages. This information is used to serve targeted ads on the computer. This information is also sold to the third party clients to generate revenue.

Malicious Search Results tracks your browsing history and searched queries. The search result displayed on the result page is not normal. It is altered and displayed different malicious ads on the result page. These ads redirect you to the pages that may contain more serious threat to your computer. So it is a good idea to remove this extension from all your browsers right now.

How to Remove from your Browser?

Manually Remove from your Computer Completely

Uninstall Unwanted Programs from your Computer

  • WINDOWS 10
  • wINDOWS 8 / 8.1

Right Click on the Start Menu and Click Control Panel

Remove Unwanted Application from Win 10 - 1

Choose Category View, Under the Program Section select Uninstall a Program

Remove Unwanted Application from Win 10 - 2

Now Find tany recently installed potentially unwanted programs (PUP), select these applications and Click on Uninstall. 

Remove Unwanted Application from Win 10 - 3

Remove from Browsers


Delete Malicious Extensions from Google Chrome

Reset Google Chrome to Remove

Automatically Remove from your Computer

You have seen the manual process of removal. Surely you must experience it was not easy. Here I am suggesting you to use an automatic tool to do this task in less than 5 minutes. This tool is called MalwareFox, it automatically detects malware like and removes it from your computer. Enabling its real-time protection to keep you protected against all type of malware.

Step 1- Install MalwareFox on your PC

Open the Installer by Clicking on the Downloaded file.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 1

Now choose your desired language and follow the instructions to install the MalwareFox on your computer.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 2

After completing the installation, the MalwareFox will update the application to its latest version. Let it update.

Updating MalwareFox

Now it will sync the Malware database with server. It is important step as it needs to know latest types of malwares.

Updating Signatures of MalwareFox

Step 2 - Scan and Clean your Computer for Malware

When the update process completes it will show Real Time Protection: On. Now you can scan your computer. Press Scan button and leave everything on MalwareFox, it knows how to deal with browser hijacker and other malwares.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 5

See how MalwareFox detects in less than 3 minutes. Removal Guide

Screenshot of MalwareFox Detecting

After the scan complete click on Next button to clean your computer completely.

How to Stay Away from and other Browser Hijackers?

You need to be little cautious in order to stay protected. Such malware take advantages of user's less awareness. spread through software bundling and some other method. It is better for you to not download free software from the internet. If you had to download watch the installations steps. There are options from which you can skip it. Also, you should not download the attachment from spam emails. These attachments contain the infection also. Having an antimalware installed on your computer is a better way to stay away from such malware. I suggest you install MalwareFox. It is good for this task. Keep enabling its real-time protection so that it can defend you from malware attacks.

You have successfully removed Browser Hijacker from your computer system. Keep the Real time protection enabled in order to prevent any further attacks.

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