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How to Remove Dealbeaver Adware from your Computer?

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Dealbeaver is an unwanted browser add-on that displays ads about different offers on shopping. It displays pop-up box while you browse on the internet. Most of the time Dealbeaver get installed on your computer without your permission and irritate you with different ads.


Dealbeaver displays a popup box with different coupons of offers. The popup box does not have a box but sometimes it may have "Powered by Dealbeaver", "Sponsored by Dealbeaver" etc. When you click any of the ads in the popup box it redirects you to other web pages.


To manually remove Dealbeaver from your computer follow this guide. We will also tell you an automatic way to remove this adware in just 5 minutes. To remove it automatically download and install antimalware MalwareFox on your computer and scan it. 

Dealbeaver is adware extension which gets installed without your permission and displays a popup box with coupon codes. It comes under the potentially unwanted programs (PUP) category as user’s don’t wish to install it. Dealbeaver affects Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. On Internet Explorer, it is installed as a browser extension and on Chrome, Firefox it installed as an add-on. If you see it you may think it won’t harm you anyway. Users consider it cool extension at first but soon they realize it is affecting browsing experience. The ads served by this adware is irritating and malicious. The unwanted popup box keeps coming and you see underlined text on the web pages that contains links to ad pages.

Dealbeaver Adware Removal Guide

Normally, Dealbeaver popup box doesn’t show any name but sometimes it displays “Ads by Dealbeaver”, “Sponsored by Dealbeaver”, “Dealbeaver Ads”, or Brought to you by Dealbeaver”. These ads don’t always refer genuine offers. It promotes installation of other harmful extension, toolbars, and utilities. It also turns random text into the hyperlink on the web pages that you browse. It injects ad banners in the web pages, sometimes popup box with fake update notification is also displayed.

What is Dealbeaver?

Dealbeaver is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge. It targets all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. The main purpose of Dealbeaver is to serve ads of malicious products on your browser. It displays popup box with different offers, these offers aren’t genuine, and instead of redirecting you to offer page it promotes installation of other toolbars, extensions, and other utilities.

Dealbeaver Should I Remove It?

Dealbeaver is an unwanted program. Its main purpose is to serve malicious ads on your browser. It displays popup box with ads, hyperlink on the text of web pages, and ad banners. Closing the popup box each time they appear irritates users. It completely ruins your browsing experience. Beyond these consequences, Dealbeaver can also steal your private and confidential information. Also, the deals shown by Dealbeaver aren’t genuine. They promote other toolbars and harmful programs. So, it is better to uninstall Dealbeaver before it harms you in any way.

How to Remove Dealbeaver Adware

How Dealbeaver gets into my Computer?

Dealbeaver doesn’t seek your permission to get installed on your computer. Most of the time it gets into your computer with the help of another program you install from the internet. The free or pirated programs that are downloaded from the internet contain this adware. It is bundled with them. When you install it on your computer the bundled software also get installed. It displays options to deselect the recommended software but these options are hidden and selected. When you click on express installation you give permission to install it also. So, while installing any free software from internet pay attention to each step. Do not choose express installation, choose custom installation method and watch each step carefully. If you see any other program is being recommended deselect or quit the installation process.

Dealbeaver Adware Displays Malicious Ads

Dealbeaver Adware Removal Guide

Manually Remove Dealbeaver Adware from your Computer Completely

Removing Dealbeaver from your computer manually is not an easy process. You need to go through the long and tedious process. You have to remove any suspicious programs from the computer and remove the Dealbeaver extension from each browser. This process takes a lot of time. If you want to remove Dealbeaver in 5 Minutes then go to automatic removal process with the help of MalwareFox antimalware.

Uninstall Unwanted Suspicious Programs from your Computer

  • WINDOWS 10
  • wINDOWS 8 / 8.1

Click on the Start button and Choose the Control Panel.

In the Programs section choose Uninstall a Program Option.

Remove Unwanted Application from Win 8 - 2

Now in a new window you will see the list of all installed programs. Look for any recently installed unwanted suspicious programs. Select them and click on Uninstall button. Follow the instruction to uninstall the program.

Remove Unwanted Application from Win 8 - 3

Reset Browsers to Remove Dealbeaver Adware


Click on the Settings button of IE and then choose Internet Options.

Reset Internet Explorer

You will see a window with Internet options. Click on Advanced Tab and then choose Reset button. 

Reset Internet Explorer 2

Select the box of Delete Personal settings and confirm the action by clicking on Reset button. You need to restart your computer after this.

Reset Internet Explorer 3

Automatically Remove Dealbeaver Adware from your Computer

Dealbeaver adware can be removed automatically with MalwareFox. It is a strong antimalware that removes the adware and browser hijacker effectively. Antiviruses aren't capable of deleting such malware. So, install MalwareFox on your computer to begin this process.

Step 1- Install MalwareFox on your PC

Open the Installer by Clicking on the Downloaded file.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 1

Now choose your desired language and follow the instructions to install the MalwareFox on your computer.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 2

After completing the installation, the MalwareFox will update the application to its latest version. Let it update.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 3

Now it will sync the Malware database with server. It is important step as it needs to know latest types of malwares.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 4

Step 2 - Scan and Clean your Computer for Malware

When the update process completes it will show Real Time Protection: On. Now you can scan your computer. Press Scan button and leave everything on MalwareFox, it knows how to deal with Dealbeaver adware and other malwares.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 5

After the scan complete click on Next button to clean your computer completely.

How to Stay Away from Dealbeaver and other Adware?

Adware and other malicious programs installed on your computer when you install any pirated or free software from the internet. Such malware is bundled with pirated and free software that you download from the internet. While installing that software such adware also gets installed. To stay away from it, you need to be little cautious.

Do not download pirated and free software from the internet. If you have to download then pay attention while installing it. Most of the bundled software gives you option to deselect them. So, watch carefully each step and deselect any other software that it is recommended. Another good practice to stay away from such malware is to install a good antimalware. Antimalware like MalwareFox doesn't let any other harmful program install on your computer. Install MalwareFox and keep its real-time protection on, so that it can protect you from malware attacks. ​

You have successfully removed the Dealbeaver Adware from your computer system. Keep the Real time protection enabled in order to prevent any further attacks.

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